Bill Rhoads Music Ramblin' available now! 

My latest album, Bill Rhoads Music Ramblin' , is an assortment of original acoustic songs in a variety of styles:  country, bluegrass, gospel, jazz and blues.  I like all kinds of music and that is evident in my writing.  The album contains 14 songs, including Remember Me (The Fallen Soldier), a tribute to a fallen soldier from a veteran. 

My book, Bill's Notes, available here 

My book, Bill's Notes (from a lifetime of learning, lyrics, and love), is now available here. Price is $14.95, which includes tax and shipping! M&D wrote: “Food for thought..some snacks, some appetizers, some full meals. The author is part comedian, part poet, part philosopher/prophet. You can sit down and read the book but it’s more fun if you take a small section and mull it over awhile or use it as a 'thought for the day.' Highly recommended!”

Uncle Bill's Practical Advice for Daily Living 

If you have a problem believing you can learn from your elders ask yourself this: Which can you see clearer, the past or the future? I try to keep my prayers simple and plain. God's ability to see my needs far exceeds My ability to describe them, or explain. Oh, the pain of it The shame of it The blame of it The game of it Oh, the insane of it Uh, what's the name of it? LOVE Sometimes I think best When I don't think at all!

Uncle Bill's Practical Advice for daily living 

Good as it gets: There are no righteous men There are some who try to do right - most of the time When love is the answer There is no question Friends have more faith in each other Than they do in themselves alone. Together they are stronger Than they are apart. There is no perfection - no one is better than anyone else We just have different imperfections Some stick out like a sore thumb Others are bored deep.

Uncle Bill's Practical Advice 

Strength can pull down or lift Only with understanding is it a gift. Reputation like a beautiful house, takes years to build and maintain, and an instant to destroy. Reality can sometimes be considered Blunt force trauma. Every pleasure has a price Pay it as quickly as you can The weight of many pleasures unpaid - unloaded Has brought down many a good man.

Veterans Day 2014 

Veterans Day service at Golden Era Golf Course today at 11 AM, Gilman Springs Road, San Jacinto, CA. I sing "Remember Me (The Fallen Soldier)" during the service.

Uncle Bill's Practical Advice for daily living. 

History's fleeting ghost is captured by those who from its image stand to gain the most. Focused can be a synonym for self centered. A ripple in the stream, no matter how small, in time will cause the mountain to fall. Most everybody feels good when they feel better that someone else. I hope I make you feel wonderful. Life's biggest mistake is spending too much time getting over little ones.

Uncle Bill's Practical Advice for living a good life 

The more I look, the more I see Everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be It all comes clear as I check each line God had a plan that's surely mine Any rock you throw Interrupts the flow Love: Sometimes you smolder Sometimes you glow Sometimes you flare Sometimes you're all burned out and too tired to care Loves dosen't make us perfect Although love itself is perfect Make sure the one you choose is right Life's too short to fuss and fight.

Origins of Rock & Roll 

There's been a lot said and many questions asked about the origins of Rock & Roll (the first rock & roll song, who recorded it, etc.). On the national level, there is no doubt about this. If you listen to "Move It On Over", written and recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. in 1947, it has to be the first rock & roll song recorded Again on a national level, it's a 12-bar blues that I'm sure Hank "borrowed" from black blues singers of the time and also Jimmie Rodgers. Rodgers used the 12-bar blues style years…

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Uncle Bill's Practical Advice for Living a Good Life 

If you're a man of few words, You probably have a limited vocabulary. Me, Me, Me is a hollow sound Let's turn the M upside down. Some people don't have time to think ..... Some people don't take time to think. Both are equally thoughtless. God only screams at us when we are in eminent danger. Most of the time he whispers. BE STILL AND LISTEN