Your CD is quite a professional production. The CD is on my Bose player. Since I received the CD, I have awakened every morning at 5:00 a.m. to "I may be the next Garth Brooks". You write great songs.” - Karl

— Musician Friend

I think I need to get Bill onto Oprah. What do you think? This CD was so much fun, and I have enjoyed it since I first heard it. Now, every time I play it, I just smile from the inside out. I will probably need about 3 more for gifts. To me, the words come to life and I can feel Bill's genuine emotions…even in that silly Whaffo song!” - Melinda

— Medical Technician at VA Hospital

I really enjoyed your CD! Your songs and vocals are outstanding. As a musician, I really enjoyed the high quality sidemen on the album. You must have known the right people to call! The recording and mixing all were first class. I expect to see you on the country music channel any day. Congratulations on a terrific CD!” - Phil

— Recording Industry Musician/Instructor

We just received and listened to your CD, Too Many California Memories. It's wonderful! The music and lyrics are all such a joy to listen to, made all the more fun because we can picture you singing them, Bill! Yay, what fun!” - Constance

— Musician Friend

BILL RHOADS/Too Many California Memories Writer: Bill Rhoads; Producer: Mark Burchfield, Bill & Rose Rhoads; Publisher: Bill Rhoads, BMI; Bill Rhoads (track) ( —Well written, in a classic-country sort of way. His vocal isn’t the strongest, but the instrumental work is so gorgeous it more than makes up for whatever he lacks. The rippling, gut-string guitar picking, alone, is worth the price of admission.” - Robert Oermann

Music Row, May 29, 2009