1. Thank You Lord

From the recording Thank You Lord

We needed a Thanksgiving song last year for a special interfaith Thanksgiving service, so I wrote one.


Thank You Lord
(Song of Thanksgiving)

V: As we gather here together now
To praise and thank You God
We raise our voices high above
The clamor of life's crowd
Each heart is still and focused now
And all of one accord
For everything You bring us, Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord for trials of joy and tears
Thank You Lord for the Light you sent
To guide us through the years
For the bounty of this earth Lord
For our families, for our friends
And gracious God for love that never ends

V: So like pages in some random breeze
Our worldly days shall pass
Tho' ages come and ages go, Your promises will last
Thru troubled times and blessings, Lord
We come to understand
Everything we know is in Your hands

Chorus: (repeat)
Ending: Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord

Bill Rhoads Copyright © November 21, 2016
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