From the recording Bill Rhoads Music Ramblin'

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Bill Rhoads 1996

It's a long and lonesome hiway
Wore out my mind, wore out my shoes
It's a long and lonesome hiway
When you're walkin' talkin' with the blues
When you’re walkin’ talkin’ with the blues

I had a dream, I had a woman
She played around, I played with booze
I drowned that dream, my woman left me
She left me walkin' talkin' with the blues

I hurt so bad, went to the doctor
He looked through me, told me the news
Said: "Sorry son, you're much too far gone
You're dyin' walkin' talkin' with the blues"


Went to the church to see my God then
My heart was filled with pain and doubt
The lights were out, the door was bolted
I could not get in, God could not get out

Wish I could pull my troubled mind out
Just air it out like some old shoes
I'd rest my head on some soft white cloud
Let the south wind blow away my blues