From the recording Bill Rhoads Music Ramblin'

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Bill Rhoads 1996 & 2008

She told me our love was forever
I believe she was true at the start
But in time she turned cold and restless
An’ a force I don’t know took her heart
She started in drinkin’ an’ ramblin’
I prayed as I died by degrees
I love her still, is it all in God’s will?
Answer me somebody please

Somebody please come hold me an’ hide me
From a world that’s grown cold
An’ this achin’ inside me
Somebody please come be close beside me
I’m down on my knees, if anyone sees
Help me somebody please

I always said I’d try to do right
That I’d win if God kept the score
But the lines are all blurred since she left me
Can’t sort it out anymore
She should have just left her belongings
Now she’s the one down on her knees
She pleads for her life, I’m holdin’ this knife
What’s right, tell me somebody please