From the recording Bill Rhoads Music Ramblin'

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Bill Rhoads 1990

We always stood together from the start
Man to man and heart to heart
And even though the bad times turned out good
We knew someday we'd have to part
Still when I stop to think this is goodbye
I can't laugh and I won't cry
It can’t be the same again, but I’ll love you ‘til the end
Good on you, good on you my friend.

Good on you my friend
Hope your heartaches always mend
May you find the rainbow's end
Or just make more that you spend
Peace be with you always
May love warm your nights and days
I hope your dreams and memories will blend
Good on you, good on you my friend.

Guess each man needs a woman after all
Nature answers nature's call
Seems only yesterday we laughed at love
‘Bout who would be the first to fall
Now you choose her over me and I
Hope you both live slow and die.....
Makin' love when you're a hundred and ten
An’ have a kid each year 'til then
Good on you both, good on you my friend.