From the recording Bill Rhoads Music Ramblin'

Bill Rhoads is a Vietnam veteran. He is a retired US Army Ranger, who served in the 11th & 101st Airborne Divisions. Bill wrote this song, "Remember Me (The Fallen Soldier)", from the standpoint of the fallen soldier whose dying wish is only to be remembered. It is a memorial tribute from a veteran.


Bill Rhoads 2009

When your soul cries out in the long night
And you doubt what’s meant to be
And you take other arms to console you
Oh, my darlin’ please remember me

As the children grow and thoughts of me
Start to fade from memory
Speak my name in prayer and in story
So they always will remember me

Remember me, the fallen soldier
Who has died for your right to be free
And I would die yet again for my country
All I ask is you remember me

When the old men salute parades passing
While the children run laughing with glee
Some men will speak of war’s glory
Oh my friends then please remember me

Remember me, the fallen soldier
Don’t be bound to repeat history
Carve my name in stone bold and lasting
So you always will remember me